THREE L-shaped units, each composed of two steel plates joined at right angles, lean against and into each other, and create an assemblage of angled planes and spaces articulated by light and shadow, and put in motion by the viewer drawn around the sculptures.

The sculptures are fabricated from 1 1/4" (3cm) thick steel plates, oxidized or painted, and from stainless steel. They are 9' to 12' high (280 to 380cm) and weigh up to 7 tons. A monumentality is inherent to all my sculptures, small and large.

THE NEREID sculptures are part of the Right Angles series. They are inspired by the grace and lightness of the marble Nereid statues and their "wind swept drapery" at The British Museum, London. The painted steel sculptures open towards natural light which, reflected from the sculptures' angled planes, diffuses the borders between the sculptures' exterior and interior surfaces.

THE STRUCTURE sculptures are inspired by architecture, in particular the house as vessel, container, body. Again, the angled planes diffuse the border between the exterior and interior surfaces, and the viewer drawn around the oxidized steel sculptures discovers openings like doors, windows, and solid walls.

THE BEACH HOUSE  sculptures are a series of small painted or oxidized steel sculptures, “Kleinplastiken”. They intimate, remotely, models for houses on the beach facing the Ocean, however they are sculptures some of which are inspired by Georgio de Chirico’s cityscape paintings. The series, when completed, will house about 20 sculptures.  

MY ART is influenced by the economy of Bauhaus architecture.The right angle in the physical world, and its inherent sensations of equilibrium and quiet are my reference points as I work towards the finished sculpture by "simplification of design and refinement of proportions" (Mies van der Rohe)