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Kips Bay Show House, West Palm Beach FL   2020

Kips Bay 2019 Show House, NYC

Kunstverein Wolfburg, Schloss Wolfsburg 1985 - 1986, Germany 
Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany 
Kips Bay 2014 Show House, Henry Villard Mansion, NYC. 
Behrenberg - Gossler, Hamburg, Germany 
Planten un Blomen, Hamburg, Germany (designs) 
Behrenberg - Gossler, Hamburg, Germany 
Silvermine Arts Center, New Canaan, CT 
Wichers Design, Hamburg, Germany 


Private Collection, Charlotte NC
Private Collection, Southport CT
Deutsche Bank A G
Esso A G
McCann-Erickson Co.
Wessing Partners, Germany
Wichers Design, Germany 
Mr. and Ms. N. Broschek, Hamburg, Germany
Mr. O. Wichers, Hamburg, Germany 
Private Collection, Cincinnati, OH
Mr. & Mrs. George McKinnis, Bronxville NY
Ms. Patricia Freund, NYC
Mr. and Ms. J. Gumprich, Germany
Ms. L. Haines, Haines Design, San Francisco CA
Ms. M. Helmsing, Architect, Hamburg, Germany
Dr. and Ms. Weiss, Frankfurt, Germany
Mr. and Ms. L. Vickers, NYC & CT
Dr. E. Rumm, Toronto, Canada
Mr. and Ms. Sy Ethan, NYC
Ms. A. von Rehlingen - Franz, Hamburg, Germany
Dr. Hans Trappe, Hamburg, Germany
Mr. Eldo Netto, NYC

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