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THE JOY OF ART, #5. Sculptures, “Nereids"


Art is a mystery we all share but needs discovery by oneself. This 

discovery is always up-lifting. Let's hope that soon again we can 

enjoy art at museums, galleries, and sculpture parks.


"The square, the angle, the arc, the line - they last forever”.

Stephen Antonakos.


THE NEREID sculptures are inspired by the grace and lightness 

of the marble Nereid statues at The British Museum, London. 


The painted steel sculptures open towards natural light which, when 

reflected from the sculptures' angled planes, diffuses the borders 

between the sculptures' exterior and interior surfaces. 


A series of ca 87 Right Angles sculptures, 1990 till present. Museum 

and private collections. A commission for a 50’ [15 meter] high Right 

Angles sculpture for Washington DC pending.


I would like to share the joy of creating art - free of issues and trends;

art made with Bauhaus Economy coupled with a spirit of play.  A 

monumentality is integral to most of my sculptures irrespective of 

actual size. 

Right Angles # 23, steel painted, H 120" (305cm), collection J.& E. Mitchell Foundation IL

s169a 2.jpeg

RA 67, H 64” (162cm), priv. collection


RA 78, paint. steel, H 66” (168cm)

09232012492 2.jpeg

RA 52, Pratt Brooklyn, H 140" (356cm)


RA 82, H 72” (183cm) “SculptureNow” MA


RA 64, H 62” (157cm) priv. collection


RA 53A, s/s, H 110" (280cm) Shanghai, China


"Causey Contemporary Gallery”, Staten Island.            A Rendering, Height ca 40 feet (12 meters) 

09232012471 2.jpeg
3dddfe5 copy 2.jpeg

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