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THE JOY OF ART, # 24, Art Elders


During these insecure times let's savor the quiet joys 

of art at Museums, Galleries, in Life, and within ourselves.


While in the 1970s roaming the beaches in the Hamptons NY 

I’ve met a bunch of Art Elders. They are pretty outspoken, and 

tend to agree that “Art is increasingly literary, and as literature 

is bad” (Donald Judd). 


They are composed of stone, shell, and plastic, and measure 

from 3.5” to 5.5” (9 to 14 cm) in height. 


I want to share the joy of creating art - free of issues and trends.

“No Rules”, David Smith. Whereas the spirit of the Bauhaus 

economy guides my art, play creates it. 


“… though one cannot always / Remember exactly why one was 

happy / There is no forgetting that one was” (W.H. Auden), First 

Things First. 


BeachBoy 05a.jpg
BeachBoy .jpeg
BeachBoy 05b.jpeg
BeachBoy 04a.jpg
BeachBoy 06.jpeg
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